Monday, July 25, 2011

Forsaken Worlds- Frist Impression

This is my first impression review of Forsaken World. So first day of fourteen and I'm already lvl 19. the level up system is very generous and the beginning quests are very easy. Now this is my first impression, so there will be more to come but as of right now, i have only played the Mage and Assassin classes and as far as those go I like them, though even those are seeming a bit on the easy side. In this game i have yet to die once, even after being mobbed. Really what I see here is a game where the enemies are way out classed by the players. But then again I haven't made it passed the 20 lvl mark so maybe thing get harder once I'm past that.
        As far as the game goes I think it's beautiful. Every thing is in a over the top stylized design. The over all design of this game remind me a little of amines like Trinity Blood, which is funny become this game was made in China not Japan. Even the attacks are very over the top stylized, like i said before I played though as a Mage for a while and the spells are all really fun to watch, the fire ball type spell has balls of fire flying out and hitting in a burst of flame, the ice spell have spikes of ice coming up from the ground. This may seem silly that I'm going on about this but I am tired of fire type spells in game looking like some red mist cloud, I want to see flames licking at the monster's face, neck and arms, or any other appendages they may have. And while Forsaken Worlds does not have that it does have an aesthetically pleasing look to in. Now that being said this game does have the problem that a lot of J.R.P.Gs out there have and that is the men looking like boobless women. It also present clothing that are completely impractical looking. But that aside it really does look nice, well the stuff that I have seen does at lest.
             I plain on having more details when i post my full review. Thanks for reading and I will see you when next I post.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Greetings, to all MMO fans out there, and greetings to those who would like to be fans but don't know where to start, and finally greetings to everyone else. My name is pyro42 and this is my new Blog, though this is also my first Blog. Any ways here is what i will be doing, starting this Monday I will be playing 14 days strait of a select MMO, now these will be every thing from the free to play underground types, to the big name titles. Then I will write a review of it on this blog. The reason for this is simple, MMO take a sort of life commitment, and there are sooooooo many out there, it's really hard to pick one. So that's where I come in, I will play the games and let you know if they are worth your time, I will also try to be a detailed as i can. This way you can decide if a MMO is right for you, because as we all know just because I think a MMO is good does not mean it will be a good fit for all of my readers. But i need all of your help out there, I need games to review. So if there is a MMO that you have heard of and would like me to review then let me know. Oh and before you ask i will not be reviewing W.O.W., it really does not need to be reviewed, it's the biggest MMO out there and I'm willing to bet that all of you have heard of it. No what I'm looking for in MMOs that have gone under the radar.
         Any ways the MMO that i will be playing for the next 14 days is Forsaken Worlds, for those of you that don't know this is one of four free to play MMOs that Steam is promoting. So for the next 14 day I'll be playing that, and I will do blag updates though out my 14 day of lvl grinding. So check in and give me so more ideas, please.