Monday, August 8, 2011

Hellgate London- Frist Impression

The first two things that really stuck out to me in the first few thing minute of playing Hellgate London was, one that this game really reminds me up Diablo II, and two this game is supper depressing. Now this maybe do to the fact that I did just get though playing Forsaken World, a very bright and colorful game, right before playing this game, but he use of browns and grays just kind of zap all wants to play the game for too long. Now maybe I just need to adjust to it, I mean I did just get through play a game with a must wider color palette(the understatement of the year). And I hope that I do adjust because there are some kind of need parts to this game. Oh did I mention that it's like Diablo. Yeah to say that this game is like Diablo but with guns it would be unfair but not that fair off. I mean you don't have to click ever where and come classes let you switch to first person mode. But other then that it really plays like Diablo, even the classes are a lot like Diablo, I mean I started out as a summoner and it's played almost just like the necromancer for Diablo II. Even the way in which you gain your powers is like Diablo. So yeah Diablo but with guns, oh and less color, that's right Diablo which, and just so every one know I still love Diablo II, has like maybe five colors in the whole game might just have more color then this game. I got to tell you I hope it gets better but if I was going to make a recommendation just off of what I played here, I would have to say pass. But it's a good thing I don't do that now it's it. I will have my full review so, until then have fun gaming.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Forsaken Worlds

Here is the problem with reviewing mmos, saying that an mmo is a WoW clone is both redundant and disingenuous. See most seem to copy WoW not because that are really copying WoW but because WoW has a game set up that is very popular right now. That being said Forsaken World is totally a WoW clone. Now that's not to say that it's not good, infact I think it's great but I can see how it could not be for every one. Lets start with the good stuff. Even though Forsaken World rips off much over WoW's game play right down to the talant tree, it quicky diverges from that when we get to the over all exicution. One of the things that I liked about this game is that it really made that different classes feel, ....well different. Same of the classes had some really intresting micanices, for instese the bard class(which is only playable with the Elves) has a micanice in where your attack or songs as there are called have a cord assined to them. If you play the right combo of cords they will make a tune that will give your chaictor a buff. The Marksmen class (which can only be played by the dwarfs) has an attack combo that has a chance of making soul bullits that can be use to agment other powers. Now this is not to say that all the classes have these neat feturst, mages are just mages some with warriors.
Something else that I quite liked about Forsaken Worlds is the asthedices of it. Now here is a screen shot of my mage casting Thunder Clap, what I like about it is that it looks like what I think of when I hear Thunder Clap, (even though that's that's lighting not thunder). The inter asthedice does remind me of Japanis anime, which is funny because the game is made by Perfect World Entertanement which is a Chines componey. Infact the anime that comes to mine with this game is Trinty Blood, but more of a Trinty Blood meets Kingdom Hearts 2 if that make any sence to any one else.

Though this game is not without it's faults, for one the dungeons are way to short. I was in one that, and i kid you not, was just one room. Yeah not much exploration there. And even though I like the over all design of this game, the word androgynous keeps coming to mind. This is not a problem with the Stonemen (who by the way can only be male) or the Dwarfs, but the Kinderid and Elves are really bad about this. Though not to wory it's easy to tell the men from the women in this game, if they are wearing a desecent amont of close then they are men(no matter how girly they look). This is anther of the anime disine eliments that this game employs that can really drive some people nuts. The close in this game, I don't know if impracitcal really does them justus. There doesn't seem to by any tackicle reson for most of the armer sets you get, exsely the female ones,.all they seem to be desined for is to show off clevage.

But agean that is not to say I don't like this game, because I do. It beutful the game play is as solid as a point and click mmo can be. The story.......well the game is fun lets just leave it at that. All in all i would recimend it to any one who likes anime or who likes WoW but doesn't have the money to spend ever mouth. It can be obtaned though the Prefect World wed sight or the way I got it though steam, both are compleatly free.

Well that's my reveiw of Forsaken Worlds, next time I'll be reviewing Hellgate London, (yeah it went free to play, there is not way it could be awful..........) any way here are some more screen shots and other pic. from Forsaken World, enjoy and I'll see you next time.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Well I have resided  to change the name of my blog as well as the rule by which i run it. It will now be called Free to Play, and I will be reviewing the best and the worst free to play MMOs. But i still need your help I only know of a few free to play MMOs out there and what i need from all of you is suggestions. Now this new format means that I will not be limited by my original fourteen day time frame. This last game, which the review for will be up by Monday, gave me some trouble because i was ready to review it three days ago. So now I will post reviews the moment that I feel ready, which in many cases well be much sooner the fourteen days. Thanks for reading and I will see you all on Monday.