Monday, August 8, 2011

Hellgate London- Frist Impression

The first two things that really stuck out to me in the first few thing minute of playing Hellgate London was, one that this game really reminds me up Diablo II, and two this game is supper depressing. Now this maybe do to the fact that I did just get though playing Forsaken World, a very bright and colorful game, right before playing this game, but he use of browns and grays just kind of zap all wants to play the game for too long. Now maybe I just need to adjust to it, I mean I did just get through play a game with a must wider color palette(the understatement of the year). And I hope that I do adjust because there are some kind of need parts to this game. Oh did I mention that it's like Diablo. Yeah to say that this game is like Diablo but with guns it would be unfair but not that fair off. I mean you don't have to click ever where and come classes let you switch to first person mode. But other then that it really plays like Diablo, even the classes are a lot like Diablo, I mean I started out as a summoner and it's played almost just like the necromancer for Diablo II. Even the way in which you gain your powers is like Diablo. So yeah Diablo but with guns, oh and less color, that's right Diablo which, and just so every one know I still love Diablo II, has like maybe five colors in the whole game might just have more color then this game. I got to tell you I hope it gets better but if I was going to make a recommendation just off of what I played here, I would have to say pass. But it's a good thing I don't do that now it's it. I will have my full review so, until then have fun gaming.

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